Dena comes from a distinctive European Family, with a deep history of working in precious metals and commodities.  As a child she was often found playing in her mother's jewelry box for hours on end;

displaying all the various pieces, and playing make up, imagining herself in the courts of European Royalty,

sparked by the images that she saw in old movies.  She would also accompany her father to the old world gem dealers, deep in the historic center of town, wide-eyed at the 'treasures' they would bring out to show to him.

During her formative years at school she found her interests gravitating toward the fine arts and archeology.  However, after graduating from college she felt something was missing from this puzzle of life.  

And, it soon became clear that the key to this riddle was to combine all of her passions together. 

In time she found creating distinctive pieces of fine art with precious metals and noble gems, combining the old with the new, would be her calling.

And thus, after pleading with her mother, she boarded an Air France flight to the 'New World'. 

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) would be one of her 'mentors' on the path to fueling her creative passions.  Call it coincidence or fate, with GIA located in Southern California, the rich history and glamour of old Hollywood rekindled her childhood dreams and inspired her creative spirit even further.

Upon earning her certificate as a 'Graduate Gemologist' from GIA she interned with some of the most esteemed master jewelers in the industry.  Soon she launched her own distinctive Jewelry Line. 

Two years after her graduation, GIA was so impressed with her achievements as a Jewelry Designer and Gemologist that they asked her to be their Global Brand Ambassador.  She was featured in their global advertising campaigns for over a year, and herald as one of the most notable success stories as a GIA graduate.  

Dena was also one of the first women to be invited to join the prestigious International Diamond Club.

Now for the past 25 years, Dena's unique and very limited edition Jewelry Designs,

are sought out by some of the most sophisticated women, and discriminating collectors of fine jewelry. 

With a clientele including high society and celebrity devotees, they seek out her Jewelry for their inspired flair; and rare and ultra-fine quality diamonds and precious stones. 

And the spirit of old Hollywood lives on in her designs......