Dena Kemp

Founded by the couture jewelry designer herself, Dena Kemp is a luxury jewelry brand originating in the heart of Beverly Hills, CA. Dena opened her doors after being certified as a gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America. While creating her jewelry empire, she also served as a Global Brand Ambassador for the Gemological Institute of America and was also the first woman to be invited to join the International Diamond Club.

Her jewelry line displays one of a kind pieces that can be found nowhere else. Dena’s inspiration for her jewelry stems from the glamorous old black and white Hollywood movies. Her goal as a designer is to hand craft the finest diamonds and gems at the highest level of excellence into wearable art. Dena Kemp jewelry is renowned for its timelessness and uniqueness, having no two pieces be the same.

The brand is adored by the current Hollywood scene and is regularly worn for red carpet events by celebrities, models and socialites. From the “Red Carpet” to “Date Night Out” Dena’s jewelry will make any woman feel luxurious and decadent in her jewels.